Evolving Birds!

Kindle 2: First Hands On, 1-night Stand Man Wakes to Find Lover has Carved Name on Him, Amazing Bird Fishes Like A Human, HIV Mutates to Death With New Drug, iJustine + Digg T-shirt = Cute!

Amazon recently unveiled the Kindle 2 and Gizmodo got the first hands on.
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Can you imagine waking up from a one night stand with your lover's name carved into your skin?
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This amazing fishing bird has plenty of scientists stunned.
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Scientists are testing a new drug that actually speeds up that rate of change in the hope that the deadly virus HIV will mutate itself to death.
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iJustine + Digg Tee = Cute
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Mike Ryan sent in some pictures of spiders to freak Alex out.
Emily and Joe mailed in some Tea and Kevin is so excited to try it out!
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