Diggnation Live in Amsterdam


Diggnation Live in Amsterdam

Photoshop Users are Pirates, Having Sex With A Patio Table, Mr. T Saves Boy, Victory for the Topless Front, 3G iPhone Coming in Months, Redheads Have More Sex, Rats Use Miniature Rakes.

Live Events in SF:
Ad-Tech -- a digital marketing event happening at San Francisco's Moscone Center on April 17th. The closing keynote is Ask a Ninja's Kent Nichols, Jeff Macpherson of Tiki Bar TV, Martin Sargent and Kevin Rose from Revision3.

Then, on Wednesday April 30th, its Diggnation live from Mighty in San Francisco. Our first live SF show in almost 2 years.

Kevin and Alex are in front of a LIVE audience at The Next Web in AMSTERDAM!

60% of Photoshop Users are PIRATES! Should Photoshop be cheaper?
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This guy gets arrested for having a good time in his back yard.
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Only the voice of Voice of Mr. T could bring someone out of a coma, and that is exactly why he is amazing.
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Women in Copenhagen can now swim and walk around without their tops on.
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Kevin's rumors may be coming true as the AT&T Wireless CEO confirms a 3G iPhone in the coming months.
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According to a recent study, redheads have more sex than blondes and brunettes.
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Japanese Scientists have taught rats how to use a rake.
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Christine writes in about how great BitTorrent is. She loves how easy it is to find TV shows and movies on BitTorrent and she is afraid of never getting her work done again.

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