Home Sweet Home in San Francisco


Home Sweet Home in San Francisco

A cozy, tea-filled homecoming to Kevin's apartment in San Francisco, featuring strategies for increasing Twitter followers, and an invention that saves birds. Also, see our President's loaded Suburban, the controversial Britney Spears' If U Seek Amy, and Google's Gdrive!

10 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers by Kevin Rose
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Eighth Grader's Invisible Invention Saves Birds from Windows
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Britney Spears' "If U Seek Amy" Angers Parents
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Presidential Gatling Gun-Equipped Suburban
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Throw Your Hard Drive Away: Google's Gdrive arrives in 2009
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Viewer Emails
1) Tim sends in a Photoshop image he created for Kevin. He writes, "Hey Kevin and Alex, in Episode #182, Kevin was talking about his own moving pirate mobile. I did some Photoshopping and here is the result." Be sure to watch the episode to see Tim's image!

2) Josh writes in for advice on asking out a really hot girl. He says, "Hey Prager, Hippie Glenn, Alex and Kevin. My name is Josh and I wanna ask out this really hot girl that I talk to all the time. And since I watch this show (which makes me a geek, haha jk), I don't know if I should. Should I ask her? She seems like she likes me and I know I like her (I freakin' like... masturbate over her Facebook pic like every day). And how do I ask her?I don't wanna just go up to her and say, 'Hey wanna go out with me?' Thanks, Josh."

Future of Web Apps 2009
Future of Web Apps Miami, back at the Adrienne Arsht centre on 23rd & 24th February, speakers include Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Fried, Joel Spolsky and Mike Arrington. Find all the details at carsonified.com.

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Adagio Teas
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The Digg Reel is the show that features the most popular and dugg up viral videos on the web. This week host Andrew Bancroft is on vacation, but we've got a couple of guest co-hosts that you might know. Martin Sargent and Kevin Rose filled in this week! Next week - it'll be Sarah Lane. The Digg Reel is served up weekly, Mondays, 3pm EST.