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Join Kevin and Alex this week on Diggnation to talk about the world's smallest and absolutely cutest animals, a new UK fancy pants hydraulic underground garage, The Onion's take on email etiquette, a chick gets off on a roller coaster, and you can now download all your personal info from Facebook! Thanks, Zuckerberg!

If Only I Was Rich Enough

Underground parking just got a new meaning! UK based firm, Cardock, has come up with this great idea for a world where people are constantly searching for more space. This underground garage accomplishes two important things: you can safely park your car with the push of a button saving space at the same time. Cars can even be parked on top of each other thus offering an efficient system for urban areas too.

Source: FresHome

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Don't You Dare Cheat on This Podcast!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

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