Google +10,000,000 Users Already!


Google +10,000,000 Users Already!

Oh no! Netflix is changing their prices and plans! Simpler for everyone yet we're still complaining? Plus, hear about the world's FIRST EVER fully-synthetic organ transplant succeeds, and the Kevin Rose/Michael Arrington deal to rollback Digg to V3.

OMG Netflix Price Changes!

Many of us have been customers of Netflix for years. Probably not much longer. Or are we just all too demanding?

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World's First Fully-Synthetic Organ Transplant Succeeds

Surgeons have carried out the world's first transplant of a fully synthetic organ, a windpipe created using the patient's own stem cells and a fully artificial scaffold.

Source: Telegraph UK

Google+ Already at 10 Million Users

Google+ has been live for just 2 weeks, and in that time only those with access to an invite have managed to sign up. Even then, the invites didn't always work.

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Father and Son: Pictured at the First and Last NASA Shuttle Launches

The picture we waited 30 years to complete.

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Kevin Rose to Michael Arrington: Roll Back TC Design, and Digg Will Roll Back to V3

At least he has a sense of humor about destroying a site once valued at $300 million.

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