Spitting Beer and Twisting Balls

Alex and Kevin argue about which is better, a Whopper or a Big Mac, plus details on the tree man, computer recycling and love advice for a fan.


Burger King issues cease and desist letter through Twitter
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Alex and kevin clash between Whopper and Big Mac

Tree Man's Branches Grow Back
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How would the tree man put on that shirt?

A trap worth dying for: Batman and Slave Girl Leia
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Hippie Glenn editing Diggnation Time Lapse
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Top 20 Mugshots of 2008
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Hunter B writes in to share a story about Diggnation and computer recycling.

We've been trying to get this on the show for a while. I am a student technician at my school and my co-workers and I have been wanting to send in an email to you guys. We often spend time watching Diggnation or TRS... when we should be working. Well this summer we did a huge recycling project getting rid of some old computers. We ended up with 13 pallets and thought we'd take a picture with our Diggnation shirts in front of all of the old computers.


Pauli writes in seeking sage love advice.

Hey Alex and Kevin,

I've been a huge fan of your show for a long time now and I'm propably your #1 fan from Finland. (I shit you not!) So, on to my problem:

I've been dating this really nice girl for a bit over a month now, she's the perfect type of partner I've been looking for and I don't want to mess it up. The problem is that I'm 22 yrs old and I haven't had sex in like 5 yrs, so no sexy time from my current girlfriend, yet anyway. Firstly I'm wondering how the hell I could get her to have sex with me, since I literally haven't even gotten into her pants yet. Any tips, pointers? Secondly, I'm really, really afraid of premature ejaculation, which hasn't happened to me before. But come on, 5 yrs? What the fuck?!

If you do read this, I'd appreciate it a lot.

Thanks guys!


Axe Arsenal

Axe recently introduced the Axe Arsenal - it's a set of apps designed to help guys flirt, meet and keep girls.

Axe Arsenal exists as a widget that can be grabbed and moved wherever you spend the most time online ... it goes wherever you go. On top of that, the Arsenal is not static -- it learns over time and will be continuously updated based on YOUR feedback.

So far they've launching 3 apps: Hookupedia, Connect-A-Friend, and DateMaker. Today we're taking a closer look at DateMaker. DateMaker finds the best places to take a date, not just dinner and a movie, and offers tips on how to make a date memorable. It is Powered by Yelp.

The Axe arsenal and its apps are all in beta and they have come to Diggnation and all of you specifically for help in testing the beta. They want our help to evolve the current applications and create new ones. So we'd really appreciate it in a big way if you could head over to revision3.com/axe -- give feedback and suggestions directly via the arsenal widget or by clicking on the bottom to give thoughts and feedback and suggestions via the forum thread.


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Adagio Teas

We've teamed up again with our friends at Adagio Teas to create some new custom Diggnation tea blends. Alex and Kevin created new blends -- so did Prager and Hippie Glenn.

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