Fixing Google, Delicious, Yahoo and Crashing Helicopters


Fixing Google, Delicious, Yahoo and Crashing Helicopters

This week on Diggnation, Kevin shares his thoughts about the once popular social bookmarking site Delicious, and how Yahoo is clipping its wings! Plus, Alex drools over the best WoW girlfriend ever, and 5 shocking facts about what drinking booze does to your body!

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Smart Girlfriend!

This lucky young man got a copy of Warcraft Cataclysm for Christmas from his wonderful girlfriend. However, it didn't come without any strings attached. He had to sign this little contract before the installation process could even begin.

Source: Furious Fanboys

5 Shocking Facts About What Drinking Does to Your Body

When it comes to health prescriptions, is there anything more controversial than alcohol consumption? It seems that every few months a new study hits the press, either praising the health merits of booze or telling you why it's ruining your life (or at the very least, your liver).

Source: MSN Good Health

No Love in Class Action

The lawsuit aggregator brings our attention to this class action filed late last week in Dallas federal court, which accuses Preston Center-based of breach of contract and negligent representation. It's not the first time has been accused of deception: In '05 there was that suit claiming the dating service used a female employee as "date bait." And a couple of years ago, a dude in Orlando posted this handy how-to: "How to Spot a Fake Profile."

Source: Dallas Observer

Can Yahoo Let Someone Save Delicious?

With Delicious in purgatory, can anything bring the trend-setting social bookmarking site back to (even half of) its former glory, pre-Yahoo? Some are showing interest in buying it. Sources say Yahoo is going to get around to considering how to unload it in January. In the meantime, it's just sort of... there.

Source: Techi

Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google

This semester, my students at the School of Information at UC-Berkeley researched the VC system from the perspective of company founders. We prepared a detailed survey; randomly selected 500 companies from a venture database; and set out to contact the founders. Thanks to Reid Hoffman, we were able to get premium access to LinkedIn-which was very helpful and provided a wealth of information. But some of the founders didn't have LinkedIn accounts, and others didn't respond to our LinkedIn "inmails". So I instructed my students to use Google searches to research each founder's work history, by year, and to track him or her down in that way.

Source: Tech Crunch