McDonald's Sued Over Woman's Naked Buns, PC Magazine to Shut Down Print Edition, This is Why You Don't Steal from Cracked, Big 3 CEOs Flew Private Jets to Plead for Public Funds, Dear Firefox: Please forgive me

Some guy left his phone in a McDonald's and somehow all of the naked pictures of his wife on his phone ended up on the Internet. Who is to blame?
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Ziff Davis recently announced that they are going to shut down the printed version of PC Magazine in January of 2009.
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Cracked.com came up with a great solution for dealing with people who plagiarize your work.
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CEO's of the Big 3 have been flying their private jets to Washington D.C. to beg for a bailout.
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Firefox has been a big deal for some time now but it seems that Google's Chrome is quite infatuating.
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Yann sent us in some funny pictures of him in San Antonio with some Vets.
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NVIDIA, has put together a website called SpeakVisual.com - where you can learn about NVIDIA, the visual coolness that NVIDIA enables – such as digital art, photography, movies, games, 3D modeling, -- and how you can Speak Visual with NVIDIA.
Upload your content to the online gallery for an opportunity to have your work projected larger than life on building sides across the world and broadcast on-line. This is your chance to show the world what you have to say.
NVIDIA is extending an open invitation to all digital artists, photographers, gamers, filmmakers, 3D modelers – hobbyists to professionals – to visit SpeakVisual.com and upload your content to the online gallery. Why do it? In 2009, NVIDIA will host The Speak Visual Show featuring the most innovative art from the gallery, with massive projections on building sides across the globe and broadcast on-line. Enter your content – digital art, games, photography, movies, 3D modeling – to the gallery and you will be eligible to be selected.

For a completely new and amazing experience, Adobe® CS®4 is now NVIDIA GPU-accelerated. From rich images in print, video, and film, to dynamic digital content for a variety of media, NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Adobe solutions can be enjoyed by anyone who creates and interacts with visual information.

We've been working with Dolby and learning about all their technologies for years. In fact, we shot episode 14 and 163 in their in-house studio
One thing we always talk about with the Dolby folks is the role that great sound plays in entertainment. According to Craig at Dolby, with HDTV you see the rain. With a great sound system, you reach for your umbrella. But it can be confusing knowing just what to buy, but like everything Dolby, they have a solution.

Dolby prepared a great brochure that's available free as a download. Just go to www.dolby.com - backslash HD Guide - all one word -- to see it. It's great. "HD Essentials: Get in the Middle of the Action"

You know, I have tons of friends and family always asking me for advice. It's here. Info on the digital TV transition, a glossary of terms. The things to consider like what is the HD programming source -- cable, satellite or over-the-air -- even remembering what cables to get! This is cool -- they have a shopping list so you know what to think about. So if you're looking to get an HDTV or home theater set up at home, or like me, you have tons of friends looking for advice, visit www.dolby.com/hdguide