High Fives with Jimmy Fallon!

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are joined by Jimmy Fallon from the upcoming Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show on NBC. Man Confused: Why Won't Girls Talk to Him, NIN releases 400GB of HD Concert Footage for Free, Top 10 Sandwiches, Star Wars toy trains fans to use the force, 48 year-old virgin wins Lotto

Jimmy Fallon is joining Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht on this weeks super exciting episode! Be sure to check out Jimmy's upcoming show "Late">http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/"target="_blank">Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" starting March 2nd on NBC.

Some people just don't get how to use Facebook. Obviously this guy is one of them.
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Nine Inch Nailshas recently released over 400GB of Free HD concert footage on torrent sites for fans to download.
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Check out a list of 10 of the greatest sandwiches ever.
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A new Star Wars toy trains fans to use the force with brain waves. Whoa.
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After a lifetime of being single, all you need is to win the lotto and the girls will come running.
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