Cold Cans, Fast Hands and Phone Plans

Coors light is cold, Obama strikes like a ninja, iPhone OS 3.0 is out and Abercrombie doesn't like amputees.

We're thrilled to have Coors back sponsoring the show today!

How do you get your beer cold certified?  Check out the Project: Cold experiments at There‘s an “experiments” section where guys have created news way to chill a beer quickly. You can vote on whether their methods are cold certified and share them on Facebook. 

There are also “Know Your Cold” animations that give you tips on how to get and keep your beer cold. They’ve got tips on packing for a tailgater, fridge and freezer fundamentals or creating an ice bath with your washing machine just in time for your summer house party.

At Coors Light, they’ve made cold beer their policy.  All Coors Light cans are now cold-activated.  When the mountains turn from white to blue, your beer is as cold as the Rockies.

iPhone OS 3.0 is out: Update now! It makes the iPhone better!
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President Obama kills a fly using ninja like skills.
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Abercrombie "banishes" girl with prosthetic arm to storeroom.
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Website steals images and complains to the owner when they are taken down!
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Crazy cat attacks a Rottweiler.
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This week's episode of Diggnation is brought to you by Frost Brewed Coors Light, the world's most refreshing beer, Klondike and GoDaddy.

We're still rockin' it with Klondike

For those of you who attended or watched the NYC show, you saw all the stuff we did around around the thicker, more chocolatey shell Klondike bar. In case you didn't know, they've also got a few other flavors including Heath and Oreo!

Klondike recently launched and the virtual Man Cave and launched the multi-chapter video game “Khaki Pants Pete” on Khaki Pants Pete is an old school, 8 bit style flash game that looks like it came right out of the eighties.

The main character, Pete Powers, is dead-set on getting his hands on a Klondike bar (of course, now that they have a thicker chocolatey shell)—so much so that players are invited to test his endurance (and dedication) by sending him through a series of hilarious and sexually-charged obstacles. 

Chapter 1 is available now. Additional chapters will launch every couple of weeks, and we’re told they get raunchier each level. So, check back regularly at The game also will appear soon on the official Klondike bar Facebook Fan page

Also, we’ve been gearing up for the Roast of Prager on Facebook, which will be live by the time this episode comes out. If you haven’t already, befriend Pragerpedia on Facebook and add your best ribs. Then, go Roast your friends.

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