Milknation Episode 1


Milknation Episode 1

This week on Diggnation, Kevin talks about leaving Digg for his new startup, Milk. Plus, see how Firefox 4 has already eclipsed IE 6, and former Apollo astronaut tells the government to stop lying about the existence of aliens!

Kevin Rose Leaves Digg to Pursue New Startup

Kevin Rose has stepped down from Digg, he confirmed Friday evening via Twitter.

Source: PC Mag

Firefox 4 Has Already Eclipsed Internet Explorer 6

Mozilla has just released Firefox 4, and in less than a day clocked more than twice the downloads Microsoft boasted about after the release of Internet Explorer 9.

Source: TechCrunch

Former Apollo Astronaut Calls on US Gov to 'Open Up' About Aliens

The truth is out there. And a former Apollo 14 astronaut wants you to know about it. Edgar Mitchell, who made the longest moonwalk in history in 1971, says alien life does exist and the US government is blocking the information from getting out.

Source: Guardian UK

PETA Wants San Francisco to Drop the 'Loin' from Tenderloin

The animal rights group is requesting that San Francisco change the name the famously seedy district to something that reminds people less of dead animal flesh. PETA's suggestion? The Tempeh District.

Source: SF Weekly

Cool Looking Accident in Steel Factory

This is an accident called cobbling. In steel factories, the rule of thumb is "Avoid workplace accidents, but if you're going to have one, make sure it's awesome."

Source: Break