Diggnation: Live from New York!

New iPhone announced, Gillette educates men on ball shaving etiquette, Windows 7 release date announced, Hulu Desktop released and Oprah pedals snake oil.

The new iPhone 3GS and new 3.0 operating system is coming out and here are all the rumors on what they may have in store for us.
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Gillette gives men a valuable lesson on how to shave their balls.
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Windows 7 goes on sale October 22nd.

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Hulu releases Hulu Desktop video player, for both Mac and PC.
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Oprah and Suzanne Somers promote their unorthodox anti-aging solutions.
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Promo photo courtesy of Mark Trammell. See the full sized photo here.


This week's episode of Diggnation is brought to you by Klondike, Squarespace and Virgin America, the first airline with fleetwide WiFi.

"Day in the Cloud" by Google apps and Virign America is taking place on June 24, 2009. Virgin America, the first airline to offer in-flight WiFi on every flight, is teaming up with Google to take cloud computing to new heights with the first-ever online scavenger hunt to be played simultaneously in the air and on the ground for one day – June 24. Virgin America will be giving all its guests free WiFi that day to encourage travelers to get their nerd on. Google gathered a small group of gamers extraordinaire to come up with puzzles, trivia, and brain teasers. The hour-long game challenge will run for a 24-hour period on the ground and in the air.

Visit dayinthecloud.com to play. The top five scorers in the challenge will receive a "Year in the Cloud" prize package, which includes a year of free flights and free in-flight WiFi from Virgin America, an HP netbook computer, and 1 terabyte of Google account storage for all of your photos and email. Not a puzzle fanatic? Don't worry. The questions come in various difficulty levels so there will be some easy puzzles and others that might drive even the most experienced competitors crazy. You must be a legal resident of the U.S. and at least 18 years of age to be eligible for a prize.

WiFi and cloud technology is literally reinventing how we all travel, play, work and live. More and more people are storing their data online "in the cloud" with services like Google Apps. People now can access and share information with friends, family, and co-workers – whenever and wherever they have access to the Internet – even on a plane at 35,000 feet.

Special thanks to KLONDIKE - they got these guys VIP seating!! AND they also brought a bunch of Klondike bars to give away!

As part of their summer campaign, KLONDIKE is launching a facebook app that allows you to ‘roast’ your friends... We are kicking things off on June 22nd with a roast of Prager. Go to www.revision3.com/klondike to get details on how to get involved.

The Klondike Man Cave is going to be coming out with all kinds of cool stuff all summer including a cool video game that takes things to the old school... "Khaki Pants Pete" is a game where you get to play the main character who is dead set on getting his hands on a Klondike bar, leading to some uncomfortable and hilarious adventures. Alex: "I saw it and it reminded me of some old school Leisure Suit Larry action."

Check out the first chapter of Khaki Pants Pete when it comes out on June 15th, Get involved in the Prager roast, and keep checking out www.klondikebar.com all summer to see all the fun things that they are doing.

Squarespace signed on to sponsor this live Diggnation episode and told us that they really wanted to use it as a venue to show their appreciation to Revision3 and the audience. Squarespace has grown over 100% in the last 6 months and much of that growth can be attributed to guys like you.

In return for all the support you have shown them, Squarespace has decided to launch a giveaway that will put an iPhone a day into the hands of lucky Revision3 fans every day for 30 days. All you have to do is tweet the hashtag #squarespace to be entered into the drawing for that day. The rest of the tweet is up to you, be creative! Each day’s winner will be announced at www.twitter.com/squarespace.

More details and rules can be found at www.squarespace.com. 30 iPhones in 30 days starting June10th!