Beers with Gary Vaynerchuk

Oh, that Jean-Luc Picard!, Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy, Suicide girls flaunt sizzlin' bacon 'bro' tatts at SXSW, New camouflage outfits!, Hulk Hogan Turns Courtroom into Cage Match

The boys are down in Austin, Texas and drinking beers with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Who would've known that Jean-Luc Picard was so open.
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Comedian Louis CK recently preached that everything's amazing but nobody's happy on Conan.
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Bacon is blowing up and a bunch of Suicide Girls got bacon tattoos at SXSW.
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The new urban camouflage attire is coming to an Ikea near you!
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Hulk Hogan is facing a nasty divorce and went full cage match during his legal battles.
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Kevin and Kim sent us some excellent photos supporting the show! Be sure to send all of your questions, comments, and anything else to


Michelob We are excited to have the Michelob Brewing Company back again as our Beer Sponsor for the next four weeks. Last September they sponsored several episodes as they rolled out their Fall/Winter Sampler Packs. We sampled AmberBock, Pale Ale, Irish Red, Porter and Marzen, and even shot episode 165 right there in the kettle room!
This month they are rolling out their Spring/Summer Sampler Pack, which is an all-wheat offering. It’s great because not only are there great beers inside these sampler packs, but just like the Fall Sampler, this one also has tons of great information on both the packaging and the in-pack Flighting Sheet. Go to and check out the Beer Locater to find out where you can pick one up. There are also tasting videos for each beer at, where anyone can do an interactive tasting with Kristi, their Brewmaster.
This week we are sampling Shock Top. This is Michelob’s Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with orange, lemon & lime peels and coriander. It is unfiltered, so it looks cloudy but has a light golden-orange color to it. (Show the flight sheet from the pack)

  • Serve in a Weisse (wheat beer) style glass
  • Uses wheat and two-row barley malt
  • Cascade and Willamette hops
  • Medium bodied with a smooth, citrus finish
  • Won a Gold Medal at the North American Beer Awards in 2006

Go to to learn all about the Shock Top.

Be sure to pick up a Michelob Sampler pack and Drink along with us over the next moth. Next week we will be drinking the Dunkel Weisse. We will also have Kristi the Michelob Brewmaster on hand to give us a personal tasting and walk us through each of the Michelob beers in this Spring/Summer Sampler Pack.

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