Is the Government Spying on Your Firefox?


Is the Government Spying on Your Firefox?

Hear about Mozilla's resist to the Department of Homeland Security's request to remove the Firefox tool! Plus, the first every scientifically confirmed poisonous bird is discovered, and the Japanese have a crazy 'Ghost in the Mirror' prank you won't want to miss!

Drank Beer, Shaved Balls, Saved Life!

Curiosity might have killed the cat but for Phil Stoker it probably saved his life.


Suit Against PC Renter Raises Privacy Questions

You didn't pay your bill. We need our computer back. And here's a picture of you typing away on it, the computer rental company told a client as it tried to repossess the machine. Those allegations appear in a federal lawsuit alleging that the firm, Atlanta-based Aaron's Inc., loaded computers with spyware to track renters' keystrokes, make screenshots and even take webcam images of them using the devices at home.

Source: Physorg

Japanese "Ghost In The Mirror" Prank

Even after the reveal on this great ghost prank, this guy doesn't look relieved. You see, in Japan, pranks aren't funny unless they result in post-traumatic stress disorder.

Source: Break

First Scientifically Confirmed Poisonous Bird

First ever (Scientifically Confirmed) poisonous bird has been discoverd.


Mozilla Resists Department of Homeland Security Request to Remove Firefox Tool

Mozilla, the non-profit developer of the Firefox Web browser, is holding off on complying with a government request to remove a software tool meant to circumvent federal efforts at curbing Internet piracy.

Source: Washington Post