New Tattoo Removal Experiment: Poison Oak!


New Tattoo Removal Experiment: Poison Oak!

Poison Oak to remove tattoos?! Crazy (and possibly stupid). See the first part in our new experiment! Plus, Kevin and Alex talk on the hottest current stories like the greatest marriage proposal ever, old guy waiting for Rapture is a big fat LOL, and the unfortunate death of the WWF's Randy Savage. WIP (Wrestle in Peace) Macho Man:

Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!

Source: YouTube User MattandGinny

See the absolute BEST wedding proposal ever. Fellas, take notes. And check out Prager's video pick on the matter: LUCK - NYC Wedding Proposal.

This Guy: Waiting for Rapture. Everyone Else: LOLing.

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That's a Wrapture. Amid guffaws, Doomsday "prophet" Robert Fitzpatrick (center), who spent $140,000 on Rapture get-the-word-out ads, counts down the seconds to the realization that it isn't over till it's over -- and it's NOT over!

WWF's Randy "Macho Man" Savage Dies in Car Accident

Source: TMZ

MZ spoke with Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo, who tells us the wrestling legend suffered a heart attack while he was behind the wheel around 10 AM and lost control of his vehicle. Wrestle in Peace!

LinkedIn Founder Could Net $855 Million in Thursday's IPO

Source: Mashable

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman's share of LinkedIn could be worth $665 million when the company goes public on May 19.

Bill Gates: Skype deal was great for Microsoft

Source: The Telegraph UK

Microsoft's 8.5 billion dollar purchase of Skype was a "great deal", Bill Gates has said.