Affairs to Remember

Fish is found in boy's penis, wife's affair is found out through porn and the CEO of Sony Pictures hates the internet.

Doctors find fish, in 14-year-old boy's penis.
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Man learns of wife's affair from porn DVD.
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Sony Pictures CEO hates the internet.
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Diggnation NYC

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Revision3 has been on fire lately! They launched 3 shows in May and you gotta check them out:

- JVs World, which has to be seen to be believed.

 - ROFL is a round up of the best standup comedy out there from our friends over at Rooftop Comedy...speaking of Rooftop Comedy, they also have their National College Comedy Competition, it's in the final rounds. College comedy teams have been competing to see who has the funniest college students in the country. The final four stand-up comedy teams and the funniest student films are now on their way to the National Finals in Aspen, CO. Check out all the highlights and the top performances at  And tune in live online on June 11 to watch as the schools compete head-to-head to name the national winner.

- And finally, FILM RIOT which is a great behind the scenes on how to make awesome movie effects for you DIY filmmakers.

Check it all out on, which is new redesigned and looks rad.