Torrents, iPad 2, and Charlie Sheen #winning


Torrents, iPad 2, and Charlie Sheen #winning

Watch the guys discuss all about the new iPad 2, how CBS shows are getting some love from Netflix, and of course all the genius ramblings of our beloved Charlie Sheen! Plus, congrats and thanks to all the folks who joined in on our epic helicopter action from! Winning!

Apple's Next iPad May Be Hard to Resist

My beloved Apple iPad just heard the news: Apple's holding a special event on March 2. The invite doesn't say "New iPad", but the imagery is clear: a calendar page is peeling back to reveal an iPad. What else could it be but the second generation iPad? It'll be different than the iPad I own, ostensibly better. This is what worries my iPad. It assumes, and I'm not sure I can argue with it, that I'll race to replace yesterday's model with the latest, and possibly greatest, tablet on the market.

Source: PC Mag

CBS Content Coming Soon to Netflix for FREE

Don't you just love competition? It's usually for the best when it comes to the consumer, and with the media streaming landscape becoming more heated than ever before, that's definitely the case here. CBS and Netflix have just inked a major deal that's sure to have other streaming companies looking, as this new two-year licensing agreement makes a huge amount of content available to a huge subscriber base. The deal means this: select TV shows from CBS's library, including episodes of "Medium" and "Flashpoint" as well as full seasons of classics such as "Frasier," and "Cheers," to be streamed instantly from Netflix.

Source: Hot Hardware

BTDigg: The First Tracker-less Torrent Search Engine

The Internet is filled with thousands of BitTorrent sites which all search through databases containing millions of torrent files. Today these sites are joined by a new one - BTDigg. However, unlike more traditional torrent search engines, BTDigg searches through files that are found on BitTorrent's DHT network, which is rather unique. According to the site's founders this is a much needed step to further decentralize BitTorrent.

Source: Torrent Freak

Baltimore Red-Light Camera Tickets Verified by Dead Police Officer

As readers of the Risk Factor know, blaming the computer for any and all technical glitches is a fairly regular and convenient excuse. One of the more unusual technical problems blamed on a computer was reported about a week plus ago by the WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team in Baltimore, Maryland. Apparently, some 2,000 Baltimore red light camera traffic citations which require a police officer to swear that he or she has reviewed the photos as indeed showing a traffic violation had a slight problem. It seems that all the verification signatures on the citations issued were from a police officer who had died in a car accident last year.

Source: The Car Connection

Charlie Sheen: 'I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin', a total freakin' rock star from Mars'

When it comes to substance consumption, Sheen told ABC in an interview slated to air Tuesday that he's on the exclusive Charlie Sheen drug, which is not for the faint of heart.

Source: Yahoo! News

Thanks to the more than 20 folks who sent in videos of their successful landings of remote control helicopters on beer cans. We'll be sending ALL of you free t-shirts, so congrats - it was fun! Enjoy your new threads, Josh K., Justin B., Craig J., Henrik, Morgan C., Sebastian R., Nick S., Ben L., Tony T., Gerardo N., Mike H., Mauricio F., Brian F., Peter B., Chris H., Eduardo C., Nicholas R., Dustin C., Aaron W., Joe M., Bryan H., and Aaron M.!

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