Samovar Teas!

Kevin and Alex are drinking some deluxe teas at Samovar Tea Lounge in SF. Stories: Man Paid $2500 To Impregnate Neighbors Wife - Fails 72 Times, 6 Geniuses Who Saw Their Inventions Go Terribly Wrong, iPhoto Discovers Face in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Where Are They Now? 25 Computer Products That Refuse to Die, The Worst Homemade Star Wars Costumes

Big thanks to Samovar Tea Lounge for having us and letting us taste so many special teas. Check them out!

A man got paid $2500 to impregnate his neighbors wife but failed over 70 times.
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Check out this list of 6 inventors who saw their inventions go terribly wrong.
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iPhoto's face detection software can sometimes work a little too well.
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There are some computer products that just never refuse to die.
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Check out some of the worst homemade Star Wars costumes.
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