A Couch in Maryland


A Couch in Maryland

We are at Chris Hayes' house in Maryland because he won our recent "Win a Diggnation on Your Couch" Contest sponsored by GoDaddy. Six Apart Welcomes Pownce, Shop Amazon for Free with Firefox Add on Linking to Pirate Bay, Man Arrested After Cops Find Crack Cocaine In His Vomit, Hilton Employee Witnesses Orgy, Tells, Gets Fired, Sues, 10 Things Songbird Does that iTunes Can't

Starting on January 21, 2009, Diggnation will be released on Wednesdays at 3PM PST.

LIVE SHOW coming up in Los Angeles, CA on January 14th! More details soon!

Kevin's side project Pownce was recently sixapart.com/blog/2008/12/welcome-pownce-team.html"target="_blank">acquired by SixApart.
digg.com/tech_news/Six_Apart_Welcomes_Pownce"target="_blank">Digg This Story

A new Firefox add-on makes it possible to torrentfreak.com/firefox-pirates-take-over-amazon-081203"target="_blank">shop on Amazon with links to The Pirate Bay torrents on product pages.
digg.com/tech_news/Shop_Amazon_For_Free_w_Firefox_Add_on_Linking_to_Pirate_Bay"target="_blank">Digg This Story

A man was arrested shortly after the police news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081205/ap_on_fe_st/odd_crack_cocaine_vomit"target="_blank">found crack-cocaine in his throw-up.
digg.com/people/Man_Arrested_After_Cops_Find_Crack_In_His_Vomit_2"target="_blank">Digg This Story

A Hilton employee was fired for witnessing an orgy involving Hilton executives.
digg.com/people/Hilton_Employee_Witnesses_Orgy_Tells_Gets_Fired_Sues"target="_blank">Digg This Story

Check out these blog.audiojungle.net/resources/10-things-songbird-does-that-itunes-cant"target="_blank">10 things that Songbird can do that iTunes can't.
digg.com/linux_unix/10_Things_Songbird_Does_That_iTunes_Can_t"target="_blank">Digg This Story

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The Axe Arsenal is a set of applications designed by Axe to help guys flirt, meet and keep girls. Currently, the Axe Arsenal is in beta and holds three applications. Hookupedia, Connect-A-Friend and Date Creator. Were asking Diggnation viewers to test it out and give us feedback.

Hookupedia is an encyclopedia of flirting, dating and relationships that also allows users to submit their own articles.

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