Mythbusters Extravaganza! Plus, Susan Boyle and Flame Wars!

This week we we step out of the studio for the first part of the show, to meet and hang out with The Mythbusters crew!

The top dugg video of the week came from the Mythbusters, whose operations are right around the corner from the Revision3. So when we got an invite, we jumped at the chance to hang out with Jamie, Grant, Tori and Kari (sadly, Adam was out of town).

Andrew gets a tour of the Mythbusters warehouse and production offices. Watch him uncover mysterious items from their fridge, get tazed in the nipples, and sit in the blueprint room! Thanks to the Mythbusters crew for an awesome visit! Check out their website here:

Also in this episode, everyone's favorite cheeky Brit: Susan Boyle, a sexy lightsaber fight, and a funny video about the ongoing flame wars!