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  • DIY Halloween Costumes! Ideas & How-To - (Overwatch, Stranger Things, Flash)

    Sam, Whitney, and Filup attempt to make easy diy halloween costumes for 2016 based on Stranger Things, Overwatch, and of course, The Flash!

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  • Trying Kylie Jenner's Ramen Recipe

    Kylie Jenner released her personal recipe for ramen so our incredible cook host William Haynes gave his best try.

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  • Unhealthy Vegan Food Taste Test!

    Will and John venture into the oxymoronic world of unhealthy vegan food.

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  • Homemade Prison Food Taste Test

    Prison is an actually real thing these days so today we had the guys try the food that the prisoners make themselves behind bars!

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  • Competitive Drone Racing - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2015

    This week we're joined in studio by Kevin McKay of to talk competitive drone racing!


  • Components for FPV Drone Flying - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2014

    This week we're joined in studio by Kevin McKay of to talk FPV or first person view drone flying.


  • Advanced Flying Techniques - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2010

    Today on Hak5, we're answering some of your viewer questions and we take a drone out into the field for some advanced flying techniques!


  • Flying Practice - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2008

    Learning to fly a quadcopter is a very rewarding experience. In this episode of Hak5, we share our tips for getting comfortable with drones.


  • Tuning and Calibration - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2007

    Throttle Calibration, Failsafe Setup and P.I.D. Tuning - this time on Hak5!


  • Drone Building 101: Maiden Flight - Hak5 2006

    In today's episode of Hak5, we're finalizing our build and taking our maiden voyage! Er, flight!