FreeNAS Developers Help Us Build A Better FreeNAS Box!

FreeNAS is the most popular storage OS in the world, and makes it easy for anyone to build secure, robust network attached storage (NAS) to store files and share files. We love our FreeNAS server! So when the caretakers of FreeNAS over at iXsystems called to ask if we'd like to do another -ultimate- FreeNAS build with a couple of their experts, we said YES!

Where did FreeNAS come from? Should you use server parts like EEC RAM, or can you use junk parts from the bottom o' the closet? Are FreeNAS and the ZFS file system CPU bound? How much RAM do you need? What's a jail? How do you set up -all- the plugins?
We've got answers from the experts!
Jordan Hubbard is the project lead for FreeNAS and the CTO at iXsystems, a co-founder of FreeBSD, and a key engineer at Apple from 2000 - 2013. James Nixon keeps the web servers at iXsystems running, and has a passion for FreeNAS plugins. You'll learn tons about FreeNAS, open source, and setting up your backup hardware the right way in this video!