Face Explosions, Hackable Wallets, Sorority Forever

This week we're longer and stronger as we start off our new format with a FU from the new media production powerhouse that brought you Prom Queen. Plus we explode all over the place with hackable RFID, bus stop swings, hide and seek, and super hi-res satellite photos!

FU of the Week:
Big Fantastic - Sorority Forever, Foreign Body, Prom Queen, all their shows

Music Video Spotlight:
Virgin by Partyshank - their MySpace, Partyshank on RCRD LBL

Artist of the Week:
Liu Bolin - his camouflage series

Show Links:

Flash Game Challenge Winner:

Featured Fans and MIX Members:

Credits Video:
Mission Control by The Dandy Warhols - their website - their label

Motion Graphics:
Eden Soto

Title Music:
Doc Popular

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