Jonathan Coulton, Muxtape vs. Mixwit, Rock Band vs. iTunes

After a long hiatus, we are back with a ton of news and contributions from MIX, plus we're announcing our licensing partnership with the good folks at Revision3! This week's FU is served by Jonathan Coulton, the ultimate geek rock star.

We've also got music stars afraid of the Internet, music stars using video games to sell records, we take a look at music-sharing tools like Muxtape and Mixwit, and we hear your thoughts about the problems with global communication. The FU is back!

FU of the Week: Jonathan Coulton, check the EPIC FU blog for the extended interview and the live acoustic performance of Code Monkey!

Epic Spotlight: Vitriol by Bluejuice, their myspace

Artist of the Week: Lucy and Bart

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Credits Video: Pork & Beans by Weezer, their official site

Motion Graphics: Eden Soto

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