Maximum Mac and Cheese

We are about to change the game of Macaroni and Cheese. And then watch girls eat our creations without utensils.

Most of these Mac & Cheese dishes come in at under 3,000 calories so they'll help you maintain your girlish figure.

Mac & Cheese Potluck Party

Whip up some traditional Macaroni and Cheese and mold it around a burger with cheese, onion rings, bacon and more cheese. Freeze it. Then deep fry it. You have yourself a Mac & Cheese cake.

Impress your friends with a Macaroni and Cheese dinner party. Some of our ideas? Classic Mac & Cheese with Jack Daniels. For a zesty Mexican-Style dish, try Guacamole and Cheese with bacon and Doritos. In the mood for a bird? Try Mac & Chicken with Cheese. For a dessert, throw together some Mac & Cheese with cinnamon and brown sugar. Serve buffet style wihout utensils with plenty of booze. Enjoy!