Maximum Mac and Cheese

Epic Meal Time

Maximum Mac and Cheese

We are about to change the game of Macaroni and Cheese. And then watch girls eat our creations without utensils.

Most of these Mac & Cheese dishes come in at under 3,000 calories so they'll help you maintain your girlish figure.

Mac & Cheese Potluck Party

Whip up some traditional Macaroni and Cheese and mold it around a burger with cheese, onion rings, bacon and more cheese. Freeze it. Then deep fry it. You have yourself a Mac & Cheese cake.

Impress your friends with a Macaroni and Cheese dinner party. Some of our ideas? Classic Mac & Cheese with Jack Daniels. For a zesty Mexican-Style dish, try Guacamole and Cheese with bacon and Doritos. In the mood for a bird? Try Mac & Chicken with Cheese. For a dessert, throw together some Mac & Cheese with cinnamon and brown sugar. Serve buffet style wihout utensils with plenty of booze. Enjoy!