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  • Is the 5 Second Food Rule Real?

    We've all had this problem: you're enjoying a nice bowl of stew when your cat sees a ghost and screams really loud and darts across the...


  • What Kind of School Should You Go To?

    There's been a lot of talk lately about "school choice" so we got Candace Carrizales to explain what the hell Alternative School is!


  • Here's Why 3D Printed Homes Could Cost $10,000 Eventually

    A mobile 3D printer is capable of creating an entire home.


  • Did The Mandela Effect Change Your Memories?

    The Berenstein Bears. Pikachu's black tail. SHAZAM! None of things actually exist in this reality. Why? Blame the Mandela Effect. Ava and Ca


  • Should School Dress Codes Exist?

    Kids today have so many fashion styles to choose from: tank tops, crop tops, pop rocks, tube socks, tick tocks, bagel lox, and more. Some ..


  • The Truth About Cold Brew Coffee

    In this like there are only two types of people: Cold Brew coffee people and Hot Cup coffee people. Mainly because no one like "warm" ...


  • Here's Why Going to the DMV Sucks

    DMVs, as a rule, suck. Hard. Steven likes cars a lot, so he spends a lot of time at the DMV. That got him thinking: why the heck DO DMVs...


  • Why Are People Hiring Fake Girlfriends on Chinese New Year?


  • Linux Terminal 101 - Type, Which and Apropos

    Explore and learn about some Linux Terminal commands such as type, which and apropos.


  • IE 9 Beats Chrome! M-Vision Cine 230 Reviewed, iPad 2 Hands On, Zediva, Adipose On Set!

    We review Digital Projection's M-Vision Cine 230 projector, get hands on with the iPad 2, walk you through Handbrake's settings, answer your Twitter questions, and feature our favorite new Blu-ray releases for March 22, 2011!