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  • Are Gaming Conventions DYING?!

    Sam and Maude have been kidnapped. These two are imposters. Inform the FBI. They are among us. Also, we talk about Ghostbusters.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • TomSka's Sweaty Drunken Would You Rather Gets Real!

    WELCOME TO SUNDAY FUNDAY! iTunes: http://DeFrancoMistakes.com

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • We Didn't Screw Everything Up! (Hopefully) - SuperPanicFrenzy Podcast EP2

    We recorded something LAST week, but wow that was garbage. Here's us trying to do it again. We think it went better.

    Super Panic Frenzy

  • You Can Buy Panties Online - #TableTalk!

    Bree, Whitney, and Will talk your topics around a table.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • How to Conquer Your Fears - SuperPanicFrenzy Podcast

    Steven Suptic, Reina Scully & Jeremy Azevedo discuss their recent adventure in a shark cage. Also E3, because this is a gaming podcast after all.

    Super Panic Frenzy

  • Brand New Official Fallout 4 Trailer

    Are you ready to adventure across America's wastelands once again?

    Editors' Picks


    We got your gaming news! Fallout 4 have us on the edge of our seats with a countdown timer, Bungie have been buying up some pretty interesting patents and Infinite Crisis - sadly - is soon to be no more.

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Fallout 4 HYPE!

    An artist at Guillermo Del Toro's production company listed Fallout 4 on his LinkedIn profile. Let's take a look at all the rumors surrounding the much anticipated sequel! Source: http://l.gamespot.com/1F9xkdn

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Fallout vs. The Elder Scrolls

    Will the power of the dragon overcome the power of the gun?

    Editors' Picks

  • Open World Games - CASUAL FRIDAY

    In light of Watch Dogs' release earlier this week, we reflect on our the most memorable open-world game experiences we've ever had.

    Casual Friday