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  • What is a Citizen's Arrest?

    ...and how do you do it?!


  • What You're Doing Online is Illegal!

    Did you know faking your name online can be illegal? Watch this video for things you're doing online that are probably illegal!


  • How To Break Into Comic-Con!

    San Diego Comic-Con is notoriously popular and can be impossibly hard to get a pass. But, alas, quest with me and see if I can get past the guards and into the convention without a badge. Join me as I embark on what is sure to be an adventure of a life-time ban.

    The New Show

  • Car-Tipping Spree in San Francisco!?

    Four Smart Cars were found flipped on their sides across two San Francisco neighborhoods! Simple case of Smart Car racism or is it perhaps something more deep-seated?


  • Would You Put This in Your Mouth??!

    In today's show we talk about the New York school system, Google Drive, a dude going to jail for stealing soda, and the most horrendous pizza ever conceived. Ever.

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Police VIOLATE Protesters in My Hometown!

    Where Penn stands, colonists fought for their freedom. Where Penn grew up, that right is being pissed away.

    Penn Point

  • July 8, 2005

    This episode covers the following digg stories: The world according to Livejournal, Flickr - London bomb blasts, HOWTO: Save nearly any multimedia file, New Firefox update system, Water that does not get things wet, Look mom! No parachute, Google maps transparencies, and Man Charged With Felony For Stealing Wi-FI.