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  • Crazy Zoom Lens and Shot Lister on Mac

    We look at Fujinon's new Zoom Lens and Shot lister on Mac!

    Film Riot

  • Mondays: Being Self Critical & Dealing with Negativity

    Ryan talks being self critical, his favorite cameras and dealing with negativity!

    Film Riot

  • Mondays: Do You Need Film School?

    Ryan talks cameras, turning down projects and film school!

    Film Riot

  • 5 Simple Filmmaking Tricks

    Easy transitions and effects, fake sweat, making rooms bigger and more.

    Film Riot

  • 50 Shades Movie Causing PENIS DANGER?

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  • The Difference Between Dolly & Zoom Shots

    What is the visual and emotional difference between a zoom and a dolly shot?

    Film Riot

  • Mondays: Are Storyboards Necessary & Dealing With Auditions

    Ryan talks Storyboards, Auditions, cameras and developing your stories!

    Film Riot

  • 3 Easy Hidden Effects

    Reconstruct a shot, move a slide and selective color correction.

    Film Riot

  • Mondays: Color Grading VFX & What is a Directors Job?

    Ryan talks shooting with no camera movement, color grading VFX and what a director does for a film!

    Film Riot

  • Basic Lighting Techniques

    We break down some lighting terms and show how to get cinematic looks with very little light!

    Film Riot