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  • A Dog's Purpose Animal Abuse: PETA Responds

    The Worst Video Of The Week award goes to this behind-the-scenes footage of animal trainers on set of the film A Dog's Purpose.


  • Mondays: Are Cameras Taking the Place of DP's & Hating Your Own Work

    Ryan talks the importance of DP's, being an "Everything Man", and hating your own work!

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  • Best Films of 2016

    We look back at our favorite films from 2016!

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  • Gear Heads: Shuttle Dolly

    Today we dive into the Kessler Shuttle Dolly!

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  • Mondays: Should You Use Auto Focus & Camera Vs Lens

    Ryan talks auto focus and camera vs lens - which is more important?

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  • Put an X-Wing In Your Film

    Learn how to put an X-Wing into your film!

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  • 10 Best Moments of 2016

    Today we show off your top 10 favorite moments from 2016!

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  • Mondays: Psychology of Framing & Why Do Things Go Wrong On Set

    Ryan talks psychology of framing, why things go wrong on set and being a PA!

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  • VFX Christmas List

    Here's a Christmas list of the VFX kind!

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  • Our First Show Ever

    For hitting 1 Million subscribers, we wanted to show you guys where we started!

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