Green Screen and Sex Appeal

Come see how to set up and light an inexpensive green screen

Typically I shoot all my green screen segments against a wall that has been painted with professional chrome green paint. I realize that most people can’t do this; so I went out and bought a green blanket from Wal-Mart for $15.

First…make sure that when you set up your green screen, you get rid of all the big wrinkles. Having wrinkles will cast shadows on your green screen and make keying extremely hard. Next…set up two lights with the same intensity on each side of the green screen; if these lights are not a soft source, be sure to put diffusion over the light. Then…put CTB (color temperature blue) gel over your lights to cool their color temperature, and help create color contrast between your talent and the screen.

Now…bring in your talent and move them as far away from your screen as possible so you can avoid green spill. Then…light your actor to match the environment you’ll be placing them into. It’s good to use a backlight to help separate your actor; but if it doesn’t match the background you’re putting them in; then have you actor wear clothes that heavily contrast with the green screen.

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