Smashing Heads and a Little Latin Lovin

Come see all the drama in Huevos vs Huevos, and then learn to crush a head and a little 3 point lighting.

If you have not seen PMS: The Horror movie., check it out here. For the first effect, come see how we crushed Josh’s head with a rusty toolbox. This effect is simple in idea, but difficult in execution.

First, have your actor (who will be killed) lie on the ground and play out the scene. Before you move him out of frame, place a small object, like a penny, under his/ her head and have the other actor kneel next to them. Your actor that has been lying on the ground is now free to go. Then have the murdering actor smash the toolbox down on the penny as if the actor were still there.

Bring your footage into After Effect; putting the clip of the actor lying down, below the one of the actor who slams the toolbox. Now go frame by frame and mask your actress out of her background, which will reveal the actor lying on the ground beneath her. Finally, use the CC Smear effect to distort the actors face as the toolbox makes contact, then add some blood bursting from underneath and you are done! (Don’t forget to smooth your mask to blend it better).

Next up is 3-point lighting, which is so basic that you’d think it wouldn’t get much use in film. But the truth is that the 3-point lighting principle can be found in almost every lighting set up. This technique consists of three lights; the Key Light, Fill Light, and Back Light. These sources are typically controlled lights that you would set up; but they don’t have to be. You could use a lamp that already exists, a window, or anything else that is giving off enough light for your needs. Your Fill light could even be the light that is bouncing off the wall from the Key Light you have on the other side of your actor. So get creative and play with the set-up, there are endless combinations to get a ton of really great lighting set-ups.

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