Get Your Heart Torn Out, Depth of Field, and the Mafia!

Learn how to reenacted how you feel after a break up with the Heart Torn Out effect, then stick around for some quick tips on Depth of Field.

If you have not seen PMS: The Horror movie, check it out here.

To rip out a heart…you need five things: 1) Some kind of meat that looks like a heart. 2) Fake blood. 3) A bowl. 4) Matching shirts. 5) Scissors.

First stretch the shirt across something like a ladder (of course you could always just have someone hold it); then take the shirt and cut a whole where the heart would be. Next fill the bowl with blood and put the meat in it. Now with the bowl on the side, away from camera, have your actor/actress punch through the hole and pull the heart out.

Then get a side shot of your two actors and have the murdering actor punch pass the side of your other actor that faces away from camera. Now get a second take from the same location; but this time, have the heart and blood already in your murdering actors hand. On action…have them rip their hand back as if they just tore it from the other actor’s chest. Now cut these three shots together, add a sound effect, and you will have a pretty convincing effect.

If you want the film look, one of the major contributors is depth of field, (the area in which your shot is in focus). The problem with shooting digitally is that it has a very wide depth of field… meaning everything is in focus. The best way to get a more filmic crushed depth of field is by using a 35mm lens adapter like the ones found at

But if you don’t have the cash for that, there is an alternative. Drop your iris to the lowest number you can (the lower the number the less depth of field), then just move your camera away from your actor and zoom in. The only two downsides to this, is that zooming in will make your background look closer to your actor, and you will need external audio sources like a boom mic.

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