Star Trek vs. Star Wars! The Great Lightsaber - Phaser Battle

Lightsabers, phasers, and a hand gets lopped off to kick start the Film Riot series! The age-old bout of Star wars vs. Star Trek, has led to this mind bending, mind meld of a first episode showing you how to make your own light saber and phaser effects.

Who hasn’t sat watching the classic Star Wars, or the latest Star Trek, and thought to themselves, “You know what I could go for? A good old home made phaser lightsaber battle that ends with someone’s hand getting chopped off.”

I know… me too. And no, I am not a mind reader.

In today’s episode Ryan shows you how to do just that, while professing his love for a certain famous Kate.Take a look and find out how easy it is to recreate a great looking light-saber from Star Wars and a phaser from Star Trek.

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