Head Shot, Blood Splatter, Muzzle Flash, and New York in June

Film Riot

Head Shot, Blood Splatter, Muzzle Flash, and New York in June

To answer a viewers email, in this episode we show you how to create a head shot, splatter some blood and make a convincing muzzle flash.

We received an email asking to show some good gun effects, (muzzle flash, someone getting shot, blood splattering) and how they could be done on a shoestring budget.

For the first effect, Ryan decides to figure out how to create a cool horror movie style blood splatter using only what he could find in his garage. So one hose, super soaker, and roll of duck tape later; they had a pretty big mess to clean up.

For the second effect you are going to need some effects make-up; which you can find at fxwarehouse.info You will need Nose & Scar Wax. and Pigment Blood. You'll also need some mineral oil, but you can get that from almost any grocery store.

To do the last effect you will need the muzzle flash asset from detonationfilms.com. Click here to download the assets from detonationfilms.com.. Of course you will need a gun as well, but it doesn't have to be a starter pistol. You can use anything to add the muzzle flash to.

Once you're done, check out our Film Riot twitter for updates on the latest movie news and filmmaking tips.

And if you have an idea for an effect that you'd like to see made into an episode, shoot us an email at filmriot@revision3.com.