Cut Your Friends in Half or Just Punch Through Their Chest

Episode 7 will show how we did two of the effects from PMS: The Horror Movie

If you have not seen PMS: The Horror movie., check it out here.

For the first effect, we show how to inexpensively impale someone’s chest. For this effect all you need is a pair of matching shirts, scissors, and some ground meat.

First cut a whole in the shirt big enough for your killer to punch through. Now have your actors play out the scene, then move them out of frame. Place the shirt where the victim was standing. Have the murdering actor fill their hand full of meat; punch through the hole, and release the meat once they do. From there you’ll need to take your footage into After Effects.

Place the clip of your actors above that of the shirt; I matched up the timing of the two clips at this point. Drop the opacity to about 50% on the top layer and movie the clips around until the timing of the two match up. Now put the opacity back up to 100% and grab your masking tool. Mask out around the spot on your actors chest so that you can see the hand coming through on the clip below, then feather the mask as much as you can (I feather to about 40).  Now you can punch through all the chests your heart desires.

To do the second effect you will need your tripod; and the blood & meat assets from our Film Riot Face book (link below). Have your actors play out the scene; then move them out without touching the camera so you can get your clean plate (the exact background without anyone in the foreground).  Once you have the footage in After Effects, place the footage of your actor above the clean plate. Mask out the part of the actor’s body you want to remove; then place the meat and blood in between the two clips. You’ll need to color correct the blood and meat layers to make sure they match the environment you are placing them in. Then add a blending mode to the blood (I used hard light) and you are done.

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