Car Crash, Teleportation and Nudity.

Film Riot

Car Crash, Teleportation and Nudity.

Want to make your friends teleport, show a car crash, or just think male nudity is always funny? Well then... this is your episode.

Another two emails get the spotlight in this week's episode.

For the first Effect we show you how to do a pretty simple teleporting effect. To accomplish the effect the same way we did, you will need After Effects or software like it.

I also used (but is not needed)"target="_blank"> Trapcode Form to add an extra flare to the effect.

For more detailed, and a slightly boring tutorial on the teleport effect; go to our"target="_blank"> Film Riot Facebook. While you're there, become a fan; We are always updating it with great filmmaking info.

The reversal effect is one of the most simplistic and diverse effects we have covered so far. This one can be used for everything from comedy to Indy Art-house Films. The only hard part to pulling this effect off is acting in reverse. If you want it to seem as if the footage is not reversed; you'll have to have your actor do the scene backwards. Have your actor practice the motions or shoot it normally; then reverse the footage so they can then watch and mimic it, to even better your actors "reverse performance".

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