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  • Disney CONFIRMED Pixar Same Universe Theory! Connections Explained!

    Disney posted a video revealing never-before-seen Easter Eggs hidden within new Pixar movies.

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  • Speak Out! on SourceFedPlays!

    Ever go to the dentist and have to put in that ridiculous mouth guard that makes you look like Skeletor?

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  • Steve is a Madman on Bloopers!

    It's another week of bloopers, will Steve end it all!?

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  • Don't Panic on SourceFedPlays - Nerd V People Be Like!

    Sam and Filup go head to head with Will and John from People Be Like in a battle of... not panicking?

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  • Who is Ares? Wonder Woman Villain Revealed! New Plot Details!

    After much speculation, the Wonder Woman Villain has been revealed. It's Ares!

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  • Binge-Watching is KILLING THE EARTH!

    A new Clicking Clean report from Greenpeace indicates that streaming media companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Vimeo, are doing terribly!

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  • 2017 Already Ruined on Bloopers!

    New Year, New Bloops! The hosts haven't even made it a week without goofing around!

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  • Our End Of The World Fantasy

    Whitney, Candace, and Filup discuss The Anarchist Cookbook, social media, the Jonas Brothers, and so much more on this week's TableTalk!


  • 5 Second Rule on SourceFedPlays

    The Nerds play a new game all about quick responses. Who will come out victorious?

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  • Every Star Wars Has RIPPED OFF

    People think Star Wars Force Awakens is a rip off of A New Hope, and many feel that Rogue One was just the Dirty Dozen.

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