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  • Pix2Pix Tranforms Doodles into Actual Monsters! - SourceFedPLAYS!

    Pix2Pix is similar to Google's Quick Draw and the Deep Dream online image generator.

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  • Disney Invents Wireless Power? Actual Wireless Charging!

    Those imagineers over at Disney have quit addressing the cutesy tech and finally embraced something we've always wanted. Wireless power!

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  • Sam and Filup Got Beef on Bloopers!

    Watch Sam and Filup defend their nerd honor on an all Nerd Bloopers!

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  • Coworkers Play Porn Or Polish

    Watch the SourceFed hosts get super uncomfortable as they try to differentiate between porn titles and cosmetic names!


  • Injustice 2 NEW Character Trailer! Who is Swamp Thing?

    DC and Netherrealm released two new character trailers for Injustice 2.

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  • Hottest Nerd Couples! Who's Best?

    It's Valentine's Day and the nerds are celebrating with the top, hottest, romances in all of nerdom.

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  • AVENGERS: Infinity War FIRST FOOTAGE! Who Is NOT in Infinity War?

    Marvel released an on-set promo for Avengers: Infinity War!

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  • Million Dollars But... on SourceFedPlays!

    Sam, Matt, Whitney, and Filup play for millions of dollars.

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  • What is Marvel's VILLAIN PROBLEM? And Thanos Infinity War Update!

    Kevin Feige talks Marvel villains.

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  • Red Flags: Several Minutes In Heaven!

    Sam, Steve, Whitney, and Filup try and find each other the perfect date without those Red Flags getting in the way.

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