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  • Drone Building 101: Firmware Flashing - Hak5 2004

    Today on Hak5 we are finishing the soldering of our new drone's FPV unit, and flashing the firmware with an open source tool.


  • Android Updates: All the Delays and Randomness with New Releases of the Android OS

    On this week's episode of Rettinger's Rants, Jon talks about Android updates - or rather, the lack of and/or randomness of it all. He discusses various reasons why updates and delayed and explores why your super shiny new HTC phone is missing out on the latest version of Android!


  • iPhone 5S Possibly in the Works, Apple's New iMac Is Likely Delayed & More!

    The iPhone 5 was just released, but the rumor mill is churning about the production of the iPhone 5S! Plus, the super sleek iMac that's set to launch this month might be delayed until 2013, Verizon will be offering free Windows Phone 8 Devices and more!


  • Of Mice and Macs: Rettinger's Rants

    On this week's episode, Jon Q. fills in and discusses software support, or rather lack of, for mice on the Mac OS. The folks out there who have experienced difficulties with using mice with the Mac OS, specifically gaming mice, will feel Q's pain.


  • The Next Google Nexus Devices & a New Version of Android!

    In this episode, Jon shares his thoughts on what the next Google Nexus devices might have in store, specifically what version of Android it might being shipping with. Jon also talks about the recently released Nokia Lumia 920 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II!


  • ColorHug Open Source Display Calibration. Is It Safe To Update My HDTV? Screw The Dark Knight: Here's Five Batman Movies You Can Watch At Home!

    Kenny wants to know if it's safe to do a firmware update on his new HDTV, and what that update will give him. Can't get a ticket for The Dark Knight? Here's our Top Five Batman Movies you can watch at home tonight! Want your monitor to produce accurate color? It needs a coor profile, and you could use a colorimeter. Meet ColorHug, the first open source colorimeter!

    HD Nation

  • Disney Does Calibration: World of Wonder Blu-ray vs. Spears & Munsil Benchmark. Why Won't New Blu-rays Play?

    "Calibration Doggone Easy & Fun!" Will we replace the Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark Blu-ray with Disney's WOW: World of Wonder Blu-ray disc set? PowerDVD 8 won't play new Blu-rays. What should I do?

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  • Disney's Home Theater Helper, Green Tech? Try a Sweater!, Search Out DRM Locked Files, Fix Blu-rays That Won't Play, Convert Super 8 to HD, & More!

    Prius GPS updates cost a bundle, Disney does calibration: World of Wonder Blu-ray, use Zune software to remove locked files, HD home movie conversion, Boxee versus cable companies, more people are gaming, and much more!


  • Steve Jobs Was a Jerk? BlizzCon 2011 Report, Vizio Tablet Review, Canon Camera Hack, Free Video Editors Follow-Up and Do You Have a Ninja Turtle Nose?

    Veronica is back from BlizzCon 2011 with a full report on the latest WOW, Diablo III and StarCraft II developments. Learn how to hack your Canon point-and-shoot camera and add additional features and tools for free! Veronica shares her thoughts on Vizio's Tablet. Is it a serious alternative to other Android Tablets or just a glorified remote control? And more!


  • Ask The Buffalo: Ice Cream Sandwiches, BlackBerries, and Buffalos!

    Jon R is back in black (not really, more of a purple-blue) to tackle more questions from viewers and fans. Jon shares his excitement, predictions, and feelings about the latest and greatest Android firmware update that is Ice Cream Sandwich. Not to mention his concerns about BlackBerry and RIM!