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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild REVIEWS - Best Zelda Game EVER?

    Whitney and Filup collect the reviews and let you know just how great this game is going to be.

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  • 30 Dead in Brussels Terrorist Attacks



    That moment when you think you broke something but you didn't but you did...


  • This Is, In Fact, the Drone You're Looking For

    Check out this awesome little drone tribute to Endor!

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  • GoPro Hero4 & GoPro Studio!

    Today, we show off the GoPro Hero4 and GoPro Studio!

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  • Crazy Low Light Shooting with the Sony A7S!

    Today we review the epic low light camera, the Sony A7s! Ryan breaks down what he likes and doesn't from the cam, then tests it's low light capabilities against the 5D mkII and the C100.

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  • Mondays: Eliminating That "Digital" Feel From DSLR Footage & Hiring Crew!

    Today we talk about getting rid of that digital feel that DSLR camera's give & hiring camera operators and sound recordist's!

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  • 100 Things I Learned Playing SUPER SMASH BROS for Wii U! Hands-On Gameplay

    Nick got to go hands-on with three hours of SUPER SMASH BROS FOR WII U and came back with tons of footage! Here's a list he compiled of 100 new things he learned during his time playing the game.


  • 10 MINUTES of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Gameplay! New Stages, Costumes and More

    Nick is joined by Tom Lee, Creative Director for Team Ninja, for a few rounds of Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round on PS4.