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04-09-2008, 06:50 PM
Please post any Revision3 website and content download issues here. This forum will be actively monitored by Revision3 staff as well as the awesome folks from our partners like our CDN, Bitgravity (http://bitgravity.com), or Transpera (http://transpera.com), our partner for m.revision3.com, or Miro (http://getmiro.com) and the Revision3 Miro Player (http://revision3.com/content/miro).

Other ways to reach us:

email: support at revision3 dot com
contact us form: here (http://revision3.com/forum/sendmessage.php)

When reporting an issue, please try to provide as much information as possible:

1. Description of issue.

2. Operating system / version

3. Software / Browser / Player

5. Specific file name that you might be having problems with (example Diggnation #144 Large Xvid)

5. Traceroute to bitcast-a.bitgravity.com (for download issues and if you're not comfortable posting your traceroute on the forum, use the contact us form or email to support at revision3 dot com)


04-09-2008, 11:42 PM
I'd just like to add when getting help on the forum please let us know if the problem is resolved.