View Full Version : Leaked: Raiders of the Lost Ark Brainstorm Session

03-09-2009, 09:56 PM
Hey all. I know that the TRS guys are huge Indiana Jones fans and that Jeff has said that Raiders is a perfect film.

Just saw this on Ain't It Cool News - looks like someone has leaked a transcript of the original brainstorming session for Raiders between George Lucas, Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan. Excellent stuff.


Really cool watching them develop the character we all know and love:

"What I'm saying is that character just would not fit in a college classroom or even as an archeologist. He's too much of a scruffy character to settle down. A playboy, or however you want to do it. He's too much of a wise-guy, maybe that's a better way to say it, to actually be a college professor. He really loves the stuff, but he became too cynical, he's too much of a wise guy to fit into an academic situation, or even an archeological situation. He's really too much of an adventurer at heart. He just loves it. So he obviously took this whole bent that was different because it's just more fun. He just can't settle down. It's a nice contrast. It's like the James Bond thing. Instead of being a martini drinking cultured kind of sophisticate, he's the sort of intellectual college professor James Bond. He's a superagent."