View Full Version : Tekzilla the new Dl.tv ???

05-11-2011, 06:47 PM
hmm i was doing some YouTube browsing and I ended up seeing Patrick Norton face on it and a bit more browsing then Robert Heron popped up, i used to love (dl.tv) and i started watching it at epo. 3 like right at the start.. All the way till the end ... well sad end

I been watching some of tekzilla and for some reason I find it less geeky it doesn't have the run and gun , hacked up feel like the old live shows and the crew!

I might watch Tekzilla but I still miss the old style. Someone should clean up the old website it deserves a bit of love

Old dl.tv viewer (UK) ;)

Hope Patrick Norton and Robert Heron see this and a BIG Thank You to them , they made all the 250 eps the best ever!