View Full Version : Dynex 50" TV Recommended by Robert

06-21-2011, 09:43 PM
Robert pointed out what a great deal a Dynex (Best Buy store brand) LCD TV was. But I would urge Robert and anyone considering one to do a side-by-side viewing of this TV and others. I went to Best Buy shopping for a 32" LCD for my dad a couple of years ago and we looked at the Dynex and BB's other store brand - Insignia. The Insignia stood out. The Dynex had that lagging effect in action scenes. For another $75, the Insignia looked to be the standout bargain. I noticed also that the pallet of Insignia 32" TVs was just about empty while the Dynex was pretty full. The Insignia has proven to be an excellent TV. Pretty good as a computer monitor too. I even put a small PC next to the TV with wireless internet. I plan on adding a wireless mouse and keyboard and maybe even turning it into a DVR. But all that may be too much for my old dad to contend with and his tech support calls may be too much for me so I may not go that far. He uses over-the-air (antenna with outside antenna) to receive digital TV and the picture is awesome.