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Old 09-22-2012, 11:35 PM
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Default Black Mesa Source is amazing!

This may be a slow forum but I figure the more participation on my part, maybe there might be more from others?

After most of a decade in the making, if you are a Half Life or even just a Half Life 2 fan, you need to download the Black Mesa: Source mod that recreates most of the scenario from the original Half Life title. It's unning on the Source Engine with vastly improved built-from-the-ground-up modern graphics and reenvisionings of various aspects of the game design.

The attention to detail is amazing from recreating many of the specific puzzles from the original exactly, and in others, expanding on them or giving them a more modern twist. What is equally of note is how well it plays in comparison to modern titles that take too much of the reigns from players, instead of letting them figure it out, or helping them way too often along the way.

So yes, go play it.
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