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Old 01-03-2011, 04:57 PM
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Default Episode 264 - Magic Window [Discussion]

Ever wish you could escape reality for a morning and wake up to a breathtaking view? Of course you do.

Watch or download this episode now!


The review says "However on top of the 99 cent price tag you will pay in data. The app itself uses 243MB and you also have to download the scenes individually these will occupy additional data."

First problem, Apple won't let you download an app from the App Store over 3G if it's 20MB or bigger. So you have to be on WiFi.
Second problem, correct me if I'm wrong since the idea (and the premise the show is trying to display) is that you'll be using this at home, this would usually mean you have WiFi at home and you'll be using that rather than the 3G. Now I know not everyone has WiFi at home, but then like I said before if you don't have access to WiFi then you're not going to be getting this app anyway.

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