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Old 10-02-2006, 05:45 PM
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Default What you are Reading, Discussion, Reviews, and Recomendations

All of you from the original forum know what this is about but for some new people, here you post what you are reading, have recently read, are looking to read, and can ask for recomendations to what you should be reading. We talk Novels, Comics, Trades, Graphic Novels and anything else you can read. I tend to write a mini review of what ive read but that is not required.

So since the demise of the old thread (which all 18 pages can be found here I have read,

JLA Earth 2, an Original Graphic Novel by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly where the normal Justice League of American gets transported into Earth 3 where they meet the Crime Syndicate of America which is the mirror villian versions of the JLA. Its really good and one of the best Morrison work ive read and is very accesible for a Morrison work, this is also probably the 2nd best I have ever seen Quietlys work. My favorite would be WE3 which was also written by Morrison.

Punisher Vol 1. Hardcover, It collects the complete Welcome Back Frank storyline which was the beginning of Ennis run on Punisher. It pretty much re-starts the punisher after years of shitty generic stories. It involves the Frank huntind down Ma Gnucci and the appearance of 3 punisher like vigilantes. Not to mention the art is done by Steve Dillon who also Co-Created and did all the art in Preacher (besides the mini series' and one shots of course) so you cant really go wrong with it.

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