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Originally Posted by andrew-bancroft View Post
hey guys, posted a similar note to the "well wishes" forum... the digg reel has been ridiculous and fun. the show itself is ending, but i remain on good terms with rev3 (except annie, who ate half of my sandwich last week). i'll be using extra time to write music, work on comedy projects and perform hip hop with The Freeze (a freestyle project in the Bay Area, CA). i'll upload more of my own videos at my site and this youtube page:

i'll try to send more of my favorite non-donut video links out on twitter as well! i'm @jellyd as you may know. maybe i'll make my own collage of videos from time to time and put that up as well.

if you've got suggestions for my time, i'm sure there are plenty of great (and terrible) ideas out there... bring 'em!

it's been an awesome experience, and i thank you guys from the bottom of my heart (which is so low that it's in my butt), for being a part of it. and ok, i forgive you annie.

squishy pastry love,
Im sure there would be a conflict of interest here some where, but honestly Andrew, you should really think about launching a similar show.

With a few tweaks, a show highlighting the craziest stuff on the net could be really big, and your the exact type of host it would need.

Anyways, here is what I would have changed about The Digg Reel

1. I would have made it longer, but change the air dates to twice a week, giving the internet more time to provide the REALLY good clips and content.

2. A show like this needs more of the community factor, spending more time focusing on user comments.

3. Host needs to not only spend more time making fun of the clips and internet content featured, but also more time making fun of said user comments. Rip them to shreds, after all this stuff is being put online freely, and I am sure any one making comments would be flattered to have so much attention focused on what they said.

4. Once a week, reenact the best of the best for the week, or hire a poor assistant to do so, someone you can REALLY abuse > I work from home, I have time, AND Id do it

5. Other tweaks would be to include peoples reactions to seeing these clips and content

I mean, its all in good fun, Its all supposed to be about entertainment, and with the right people this show or one like it could be killer.

Any other tweaks, would just be small subtle ones, mostly dealing with transitions and reactions.

Really, I would love to see you rip on the user submitted comments more, even if it were one of mine, I would take it as my 15 mins of fame.

Its the same for the other side of the fence too, for example if you really like a video, or comment, obviously instead of ripping on it, you would highlight it in a different way.

Im sure there is more that could be changed, but really its all there already, anything that needs to be changed are just small tweaks.

Good Luck in whatever you do.
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