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Old 12-13-2010, 01:49 PM
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Red face Episode 26 comment about PSP and PS3

I think its simple why they arent doing so well.

What do they have that is so great?
Really. They have best graphics but thats it.

As someone that only has a wii and probably wont get another system for a while this is what I think.

Wii = good party games and gamecube compatibility.
Worth having when people come over.

XBox 360 = good looking games, can play so many games online and yell smack talk at friends over the internet when you cant actually have them at your place. Also, great media server.

PS3 = gorgeous graphics.... oh and ya can play blu ray disks which I dont own any off... I buy a DVD once a year so, I have no rush to get blu ray.

besides blu ray is stupid name for the current generation of disks, they should be called HD DVD. Oh ya taken

Wii and Xbox has its problems but they have major strengths while I think the PS3 has nothing that makes people want it.

Even I am tempted to get an xbox 360 so I can trash talk and play games with my friends while Im overseas.
For now most of that happens on skype and mario kart

my 2 cents
(PS. Nintendo must still be making a killing considering how cheap it is to make a wii system.)
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