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Old 08-31-2011, 01:22 PM
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Default SONY Logitech blue ray GOOGLE TV Ahead of its time .

I bought both the Sony 24" google TV (List $599, I pd $279) and for the Google TV set top box I paid $149 and its list is $299.) There is also a Sony Blue ray player for $list $399. going for much less and I even saw the Sony Google TV sell for $99 I think it was fathers day.

Sony, Logitech and Google TV must be in a point fingers typ[e war.

They made a great little Blue Ray/ Box ?TV device that all work nearly identcal except for the obvious differences, one comming with the Sony TV I think 46" is the max size and the set top box has a desktop size and similar designed deyboard that is by far much easier to use than the little un luminated little remotes with alll the buttons in odd plces..

I feel Sony had the wool pulled over their eyes. They offer no online tech support despite that they have a page (web link) you may go to and click HELP and you see one of the live people scripts strt and your suppose to type in your question. DON"T HOLD YOUR BREATH. Ive been there 4 times and no one ever answers the FAQ area.

OK Lets take the FAQ area. It is so vaugue tht it almost offers no help at all.The answers are short not tecnical enbough.

I feel so sorry for Joe Blows that buy these items and do not understand a wifi connection of at least DSL lite (Abslotute minimum) connection is required. The nuts that designed this must be truly nuts. There is plenty of room in the Sony TV Nearly 4 Gig of extra unused space could easily hold a text file that had technical answers to questions that some of us have.

The marriage of the TV and the internet should have happened LONG AGO. Im sure some of you remember web tv and what was the one PRODIGY. Well those guys just had no idea how rich they would become had they hung on.

The concept is great you have your TV or in the case of the set top box with google TV it has one HDMI INPUT in addition to its HDMI output and this allows you to feed any type of HDMI device into the box.

Im going to cover some good stuff and some bad in my post. The good is you can use the net and watch a bunch of online free TV like lets take a simple one live you tick search and type in and bingo you have a wealth of free oldy goldy days movies. But they are OLD movies.

They give you a CRACKLE link that allows you to watch free later style more current movies (Mostly horror and sci-fi) but its cook and of course that allows you to do a search if you know the program or movie title you wish to watch clicker will give you a few links were it might be playing. If you have a netflix account already then your almost in like flint. You have to enter in some stupid cose that requires the use of a computer. HOW STUPID IS THAT THE CONCEPT IS SO ONE DOESNT NEED A COMPUTER. How could the developes overlook that and why in Gosh name didn't they program a number to appear in the coner of the item they sold you i.e the corner of your Google TV shows the number you must type in. That makes no sense whatsoever to force one to type in some numbers in order to use an application via a computer BEFORE you can use your newly purchased device. What a let down. Very unfair. I did not see anywhere in the requirements list A COMPUTER WITH WEB ACCESS!

I feel a lawyer will start a class action law suite against Sony, Logitech and google for all the misleading requirements that are left out of the list of requirements. My Father would call this a bait and switch game.

Plastered all iver the web and stores are refrences that we will be able to download tons of android applications at the start f 2011 HELLO 2011 will be over with in 3 1/2 months. aRE YOU TELLING ME THEY CAN RELEASE ONE APPLICATION? SOMETHING IS fishy.

i KNEW IT.WHEN i saw the prices drop so dramatically. For example my Sony TV 24" has only been out a year and it list price was $599. Even Sony has it for sell on their site for $299 I bought mine at Tiger for $279. The Google TV box that list for $299 I bought for $199 then a week later saw it for $99 on fathers day weekend sale at Tiger. I felt stupid but when a price drops so much there has to be a reason for it.

I have always regarded Sony as a top noth manufacturer of electronics. Its like everything they sell is great. NOT SO WITH THIS GOOGLE TV Odreal. You can't get online tech support.

They have a web site link to a FAQ help site however if you do not already have at least a DSL Lite service (The nice thing is the Sony used N with both 2.4 and 5 GHZ) You S.O.L Even with Wifi or router web servive their help site is so vaugue it simply doesnt answer techical questions.

Its like it was designed for a 4 year old to read but it doesnt give you the data you truly need to answer or address your question.

HULU is blocked and a bunch of other sites. How stupid is that? Just because its not a computer one must py special royalies?

Most of the search engine (except for the home page of the Google chrome Web browser) can not be changed. For example lets say your looking for the title of a movie. Well its great in the aspect that the 1+ GHZ intel processor does a great job searching through your 4 drives that you can hook into the 4 usb ports on the side of the Sony Google TV's (all models) plus I think it mihgt have either DLNA and or ITUNES but it also searches your other devices on the same router for the name you typed in. So that part is great but one of the first results tat pops up is AMAZONS Video site and as far as I know no videos are free. I keep seeing prices from $299 to $9.99 to wach a video up to 24 hours.

Oh yes if you like watching FREE recent movies I must add this part. You can go to and type XBMC one you make a USB stick or a DVD oor CD of XBMC (Its Linux but VERY EASY TO USE) the only thiink I noticed is the live versions (the ones where you can run it without installing it) [the usb stick always runs faster than the live cd or dvd. XBMC comes in a 400 meg .iso most all the current CD burners have the option to burn from an ISO file (So it boots by itself and so on) There are free ones out there if yours doesnt do it.

After you get XBMC and start to fall in love with it and say to yourself I would have never bought google TV had I knwn of XBMC but thats just the start. There are the things called scripts you can add on and there is one in particular called NAVI-X that incorporates like a thousand different free places you can go and watch all types of formats are supported/ You will rarely ever see this XXX not supportd.

Once you install Nivi-x (Navi-x web site had a very good details on how to install it in XBMC but after you install it the fiirst time your presented with tons of web addresses that you can click. Aparently once you reboot it completes it setup program and suddenly you notice (with a wrtable USB drive I had a 4 gig) that the program takes on a whole new look with all types of skins you can use and customixe the way your options like the main media center looks. It to searches DLNA and ITUNES FOlders and the neat thing is nerly every site you go to has the option to download the movie. This is a good option when the person that had the wdwwwwwdddddddwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdddd dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddq;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;llll Im so sorry as you can see I took my sleeping pills and I keep noddding out with a finger or two on the keyboard.

Im going to post a bunch of stuff later here about google tv and probably go to google forums and see if there is a support forum for google tv associated devices and if not make one so people can get help from this. I'm not sure if I already mentioned it but I oversaw (owned) a comuter upgrade and repair center for 20 years and this Google TV setup was a little challenge, not so much the set top google TV and I assume the blue ray google tv must be nearly identicle to one another.

But I hope that there is a club formed that allows us toj2ssssssssddddddddnnnn I have to go to bed.
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Old 09-13-2011, 07:15 AM
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Roku is all I need thanks

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