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Old 06-29-2011, 04:50 PM
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Lightbulb Elric Brothers vs The Disciples of Gouken (Ryu and Ken)

The Elric Brothers vs The Disciples of Gouken (Ryu and Ken)

(This battle would be interesting as none of the characters would purposefully kill an opponent unless severely provoked. It would also be interesting as there are a number of unsuspected twists that could be pulled by Edward Elric in particular, such as luring the opponent into carving out a gigantic transmutation circle in the ground, giving him the power to use the souls of all those inside it to accomplish a gigantic, most likely self destructive, transmutation. It would not be uncharacteristic for Edward to end the battle with the death of an entire city, his opponents, and himself, if his opponents succeed in "killing" his brother.)

Edward and Alphonse Elric
These two practice an art known as alchemy. They are from an alternate reality where the fabled art of alchemy was followed much further than in our past. There is even evidence that the use of alchemy in their dimension has caused, or at least harvested the energy from, great famines and wars in our dimension.
Due to the popular use of alchemy in their world, it has required the development of martial arts styles that utilize alchemy. Because alchemy requires transmutation circles, many alchemists have items with transmutation circles attached. Some have even tattooed themselves with such circles. Living in this environment has led to the Elric Brothers' ability to defend themselves very successfully from all forms of martial and alchemical attacks.
Due to an accident in their youth while trying to bring their mother back from the dead, the Elric Brothers have certain unusual characteristics compared to other alchemists.

Edward Elric
Better known as "The Full Metal Alchemist," Edward lost his left leg and almost lost his brother's soul in the attempt to bring back their mother. In order to save Alphonse's soul, Ed had to offer an arm. Because of this, a set of devices commonly referred to as auto-mail returned to Ed the use of his arm and leg. It is, in fact, his auto-mail arm that he most often transmutes into a weapon. He often changes the elemental material of the arm and leg to best suit his current need. For instance, he may change it to a heavier metal for bashing or a more electrically inert substance for handling electricity. He will even change part of it into a blade if needed to deflect bladed weapons in battle. His constant changing of materials in his arm has a tendency to wear it down quickly, thus it will sometimes stop working after a small amount of damage.
Another side effect from his accident is that he does not need a transmutation circle in order to use his alchemical abilities. He simply needs to clap his hands together and then touch the object he wishes to transmute. Larger or more complex transmutations still require him to use a transmutation circle. He'll often be seen using large walls or buildings as material to attack his opponents from a distance or limit their escape options.

-Practices a Style of Martial Arts Utilizing Alchemy
-Metallic Auto-mail Left Leg and Right Arm
-Auto-mail Arm can Occasionally Cease Function
-Transmutes Without a Transmutation Circle but Must Clap Hands Together
-Does Not Wish to Kill, but Will Not Choke When Killing is Necessary
-Fiercely and Vengefully Protective of His Brother Alphonse, to a Fault

Alphonse Elric
Alphonse fared a bit worse than his brother Edward. His entire body was lost to the accident. In order to save Al's soul, Edward drew a transmutation circle inside a nearby suit of auto-mail in his own blood and attached his soul to the armor. This gives Al many abilities such as infinite stamina, a lack of hunger or thirst, and the ability to remove body parts, including his helmet, and continue fighting until they can be returned. He can even survive over 90% of his auto-mail being completely vaporized, though it would severely limit his mobility. His current state of existence gives him a major weakness, however. The blood transmutation circle works as a seal for his soul and thus cannot be destroyed, even partially, or Al's soul will be released from it. This makes him very vulnerable to submersion in water or excessive amounts of any water soluble liquid.
Since he was effectively unconscious during the accident, Al did not gain the ability to transmute without a circle. Whenever he transmutes, he must form a transmutation circle in order to successfully complete the process. Only the shape is required. It can be made with any material and can be either an addition or a subtraction, for example: ink, chalk, carved into wood, even embroidery, though that would be a little too slow for a battle unless it was setup before hand, such as on a glove.

-Practices a Style of Martial Arts Utilizing Alchemy
-Entire Body is an Otherwise Inanimate Suit of Armor
-Infinite Stamina (No Breathing, Eating, Tiring, or Sleeping)
-Must Use a Transmutation Circle in Order to Perform Alchemy
-Better at Physical Martial Arts than His Brother (Due to Higher Difficulty of Transmutation)
-Does Not Wish to Kill and Often Chokes When He is Convinced that Killing is Necessary
-Fiercely and Vengefully Protective of His Brother Edward, to a Fault

Ryu and Ken
As Disciples of Gouken, Ryu and Ken trained very closely, almost as brothers. Gouken trained them in a martial art which is a peaceful modification of an assassination based martial art, involving the focusing of Ki energy into supernatural attacks. While nowhere near the supernatural level of the Dragonball universe, it still leads to devastating attacks. The most well known attacks of the art are the Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku A.K.A the Tornado Whirlwind Kick, the Shoryuken A.K.A. the Rising Dragon Fist, and the Hadoken A.K.A. Surge Fist or Fireball.

(From here on I go a bit into my impressions of the characters. I may be off a bit, as I haven't played a Street Fighter since EX Alpha.)

These two can work well together when the opponent calls for it, but they have a few teamwork issues, despite being best friends.

Ryu, born and raised in Japan, is known as the "Wandering Warrior" due to his habit of moving on to the next battle without waiting for congratulations from the last. He lives for the fight and takes it seriously. He is often insulted by Ken's relaxed, and very American, nature when it comes to combat. This causes some distraction for him when fighting along side Ken.

-Trained in Martial Arts under Gouken
-Works Well with Ken
-Has Focused Training in the Hadoken Technique Which Has Led to Some Improvements over Ken's (Speed, Power, etc.)
-Does Not Seek to Kill, but Will not Avoid Killing

Ken Masters
Ken was also born and raised in Japan, however, one of his grandparents was American, and after Ryu's first defeat of Sagat, he moved to America before being invited by Ryu to participate in the tournament of Street Fighter II. Ken is a tad on the conceited side, which Ryu attributes to his American heritage. This conceit can lead to him offending his allies and opponents and occasionally leads to mistakes.

-Trained in Martial Arts under Gouken
-Works Well with Ryu
-Has Focused Training in the Shoryuken Technique Which Has Led to Some Improvements over Ryu's (Speed, Power, a fire effect, etc.)
-Does Not Seek to Kill and Hesitates When the Option Presents Itself
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Old 07-15-2011, 06:31 PM
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Thumbs up

I've got another one in the works that I will post within the week.
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Old 10-12-2011, 11:05 PM
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This would be a close fight, but I think the Elric Bros. would win. Ryu and Ken may be world-class martial artists, but Alphonse's armor and the duo's alchemy would equalize the sides, though the Elrics have a slight edge. The Street Fighters would have to wreck the area where Alphonse's seal is, but as they have constantly proven to be able to destroy cars with their unweighted fists, Alphonse would probably go down first, if the Street Fighters can even reach the two. Ken would likely kick the bucket after making a comment on Edward's height, or maybe comparing him to a certain vampire named Edward. Sadly, I don't know of anything in Ryu's arsenal that could possibly take Edward down before he can turn the ground into a deathtrap, except maybe becoming Evil Ryu and using the Shun Goku Satsu. Who knows?
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